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Welcome to the web home of Vinton McCabe, homeopathic educator and author of Practical Homeopathy, The Healing Enigma, and a new series of guidebooks, collectively called “Homeopathy in Thought & Action.

Vinton Rafe McCabe is also a published novelist, a produced playwright and an award-winning poet with more than thirty years experience in print and electronic journalism.  He is the author of the new novel, Death In Venice, California. is presented in a magazine format.  You are invited  to read it page by page, or jump around, using the links provided at the top of the page.

Jameson Frame was a collector.  He bought and sold, as others do. But what he collected, what he bought with greed and sold with cunning were words. He had had no small success as a writer, had won his prizes and taught enough classes to sell his own books and acquire the first editions of others. More than the books, though, more than the chafed leather covers, the brittle pages, the faded ink, he collected the words themselves.  The meanings of them, yes, but also their rhythms, their colors, the taste of them as they rolled on his tongue. They resonated with him, echoed inside his heart.”


--Vinton Rafe McCabe

Death In Venice, California

Western (allopathic) medicine is based upon the use of ever-stronger doses of allopathic drugs.  And allopathic treatment with these drugs is the medical equivalent of running with scissors.  It may seem like a good idea at the time, but it almost always ends in tears.”


--Vinton McCabe   

                                The Healing Enigma